Nearby Local Attractions

Looking to buy a luxury chalet in Switzerland and an ideal place to enjoy the outdoors in any season? Come to Crans-Montana, and you’ll see what makes it so special.

Snowy Adventures


  • 11 ski lifts and routes – Ski on diverse slopes with a convenient lift system
  • 15 ski touring routes – Explore untouched snow and stunning mountain scenery on adventurous ski touring routes.
  • 7 winter trails – Enjoy peaceful walks or snowshoeing amidst the picturesque snow-covered landscape.
  • Ice skating and curling – Have a great time with your family at the local ice rink, skating or curling.

Summer Splendors


  • 10 beautiful lakes – Relax by the water, fish, or enjoy exciting water activities at our pristine lakes..
  • 8 bisses – Explore historic water routes across the Valais region for daring adventures.
  • 8 summer trails – Experience the natural beauty of Crans-Montana with scenic hikes through the Swiss Alps.

Tutti Frutti

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Health and Wellness


In Crans-Montana, wellness is a breath of fresh mountain air! If you want to buy a Swiss ski chalet, you will not only live at the top of the world, with the serenity of a high-altitude place, but your every day will literally feel like a health retreat here.

  • Recharge your body and soul with expert massages at 56 massage places
  • Enjoy the scenic views and take a refreshing swim or relax poolside in any of the 10 pools.
  • Stay on top of your fitness goals at 2 well-equipped gyms.
  • Enhance your well-being and peace of mind with various yoga classes in 9 yoga studios.
  • Discover personalized treatments focused on your health and wellness in 24 therapy clinics.

Endless Outdoor Fun


Buying a Swiss ski chalet in Crans-Montana is an active and fulfilling lifestyle investment. Here’s why it’s a smart choice:

  • Perfect for family fun, 6 parks offer activities for all ages, ensuring great entertainment.
  • Crans-Montana has 13 road routes for every cyclist, making it ideal for exploring scenic landscapes at your pace.
  • If you love mountain biking, 3 bike parks and tracks provide thrilling trails that cater to both beginners and professionals..
  • Golf enthusiasts can enjoy playing on some of the 3 most picturesque courses in the world, where every hole offers a view worth framing.

Enjoy Gourmet and Luxury


Buying a Swiss ski chalet in Crans-Montana isn’t just an investment in property but also in a lifestyle defined by gourmet delights and luxury. Here’s one more reason why it should be your next move:

  • Explore local wines that will delight any wine enthusiast in 20 wineries
  • Relax in some of the 30 best hotels and spas around.
  • Experience the highest standard of luxury at 8 five-star resorts, providing exceptional amenities and breathtaking views.
  • Enjoy meals from over 100 restaurants, including 2 Michelin-starred and 9 Gault Millau awarded.
  • Taste world-class chocolates made by one of the world’s best chocolatiers. It’s a sweet treat not to be missed.